In addition to landscaping and maintenance, we offer services such as seeding, sod, repair to damaged lawns, nematode treatments for grubs, spring and fall yard clean-ups, tree pruning and felling, garden tilling, bush hogging, small load deliveries of materials such as mulch and topsoil, and equipment rental with operator for various jobs. Call for a quote!

Lawn Seeding, Over-Seeding, & Sod Installation

Lawn Seeding, Over-Seeding, & Sod Installtion

We have a full line of equipment capable of handling complete yard seeding. We also offer spot seeding for small areas, and over seeding for existing lawns.

The best time for seeding is in late summer. Seeding may be done in spring, but, due to our short springs, where temperatures fluctuate from sub 0°c to 25°c, there is a narrow window of opportunity for good germination. Grass likes consistent weather, with warm days and cool nights, and ample moisture.

And if you prefer an "instant" lawn, we also install sod. Sod can be installed any time from spring through fall; however it is best to avoid the hottest, driest part of the season. Sod must be watered regularly until it is firmly rooted.

Tree Pruning & Removal

Tree Pruning and Removal

It is important to trim trees, to promote health, and stimulate new growth. We trim both small and large trees. Spring and Fall are the best times to trim trees. Have a tree which needs to be removed? We fell trees, tall and small! We also do site clearing. Chipping of small and medium branches. We can dispose of the resulting mulch for you, or you may retain it for gardening purposes, etc. After the tree has been removed, you may also wish to have the remaining stump removed.

Lawn Repair

Lawn Repair

Damaged areas of lawns can be repaired by over-seeding the affected area. Spring and late Summer are the best times to administer over-seeding, as the conditions are ideal for the germination, and growth, of grass seed.

Grubs, chinch bugs, and drought are the main causes of lawn damage in our area.

Lawns can be devastated by grubs. These pesky larvae of June Bugs and other beetles, feed on grass roots, causing the sod to die. Skunks, raccoons, and birds will turn up the already dead sod to eat the grubs. Nematodes, parasitic micro-organisms, can be used to treat grub problems. For more information on grubs click here.

Drought can also cause severe damage to lawns. Extended periods without rainfall or manual watering, can cause the root system of lawns to die off. However, in the main, it is the stress conditions caused by drought which weakens the sod, making it further susceptible to infestations of grubs.

Lawns can also suffer damage from moles, which dig large holes, and tunnels, through the sod. In the winter mice will tunnel under the snow, leaving channels in the sod. The damage from these is normally minor, and can be repaired by raking the area, and sprinkling some grass seed over it by hand.

Bush Hogging

We Also Offer:

  • Bush Hogging
  • Garden Tilling
  • Hedge Pruning and Installation
  • Small Load Deliveries
  • Excavations
  • Septic Bed Repair and Installation
  • Foundation Repairs