Landscape Design & Construction

Patios and walkways are finishing touches which enhance your landscape, creating a inviting living space outdoors. We design and install patios, walkways, retaining walls, and raised beds.

We offer complete landscaping services, from design to completion, for existing residences and new, including land grading and seeding and sod; patios, walkways, fences, garden structures; selection and plantation of trees, shrubs and garden plants. We also design and build ponds and water features.

Landscape Design

Providing complete Landscape Design services to create your dream-space

Design Concept

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Patios, walkways, steps, entrances, gardens, retaining walls - all can be constructed from a wide variety of available materials to create you outdoor living space, and enhance your home's aesthetic appeal.

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Armour Stone

Armour Stone is large, natural blast rock which can be utilized to create garden walls, steps, retaining walls, fire pits, etc., affording a more natural look to your landscape.

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Seeding & Sod

We have a full line of equipment capable of handling complete yard seeding. We also offer spot seeding for small areas, and over-seeding for repair of existing lawns.

The best time for seeding is in late summer. Seeding may be done in spring, but, due to our short springs, where temperatures fluctuate from sub 0° to 25°c, there is a narrow window of opportunity for good germination. Grass likes consistent weather, with warm days and cool nights, and ample moisture.

And if you prefer an "instant" lawn, we also install sod. Sod can be installed any time from spring through fall; however it is best to avoid the hottest, driest part of the season. Sod must be watered regularly until it is firmly rooted.

Ponds & Water Features

Water features are a fun and elegant way to enhance your garden. We offer complete design and installation of ponds, waterfalls, and other water features.

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Garden Design & Planting

Gardens offer a finishing touch to the landscape, softening hardscaping and creating a transition from the man-made to the natural. Whether you are creating a new garden, or rejuvenating an old one, we would love to help you plan and create your garden oasis.

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